Sunday, May 30, 2010

A further template testing

this is a further test of the possibilities of the blog template

The River Blackwater is a river in the English counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. It is a tributary of the River Test.

The river rises just to the east of the Wiltshire village of Redlynch, near Salisbury. It then flows east across the county boundary into Hampshire. Here it flows north of the village of Wellow and Wigley before joining the Test between Totton and Redbridge.[1][2]

This River Blackwater should not be confused with the River Blackwater in north-east Hampshire, which is a tributary of the River Loddon and (indirectly) of the River Thames.

Another similarly named waterway in Hampshire is Black Water. Black Water is a small stream which flows eastwards across the New Forest, passing under Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, before joining Ober Water and Highland Water just north of Brockenhurst to form the Lymington River.

this is a template test post

for behold we have tested a template and in its testing is the testing that tests the utmost testing of the tested that test the testable limits

An experiment is a test of an idea invented by someone, usually a scientist. An experiment is used to test a theory--to see how well the real world matches the theory. Experiments have been used for many years to help people understand the world around them.

One important observation about experiments is that they can tell us if a theory is false. They cannot tell us if a theory is true. For example, if we invent a theory that says All houses are made of wood, we cannot say that it is true because all the houses we have seen are made of wood. But, if we find a house that is not made of wood, we know that our theory is false.

Benjamin Franklin did a well known experiment by flying a kite during a thunderstorm. He did the experiment to see if lightning was made of electricity.

Experiments are not the same as faith (belief) or other ways to find truth because experiments must have proof. They begin by testing falsehood to find out truth.

"The universe does not tell us when we are right, only when we are wrong." - Karl Popper



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